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Linux number of users logged in

linux number of users logged in

# whoami root, also, when you use whoami with space (who am i) that will give you a different output.
But we can check the current logged number in logged user by adding -un options with id command.
Names of users linux and tty's can be given, in which case last logged will show only those users entries matching the arguments.
# id -un root.To do this, we can add the sort -u command.As a consequence of this difference, the 'grep -c.' formulation won't work with the 'users' command; 'wc -w' is necessary).Oct 16 18:01:21 localhost passwd: gkr-pam: couldn't update the 'login' keyring linux password: no old password was entered.Also, it doesnt solve logged your issues instead creates some additional problem.Method-4: users Command users command prints the usernames of users currently logged in to the current host. User authentication logs are located @ /var/log/secure for rhel based systems /var/log/auth.
Log Jun 1 16:05:01 daygeek cron1944: pam_unix(cron:session logged keygen session opened for user root by (uid0) Jun 1 16:05:01 daygeek cron1944: pam_unix(cron:session session closed for user root Jun 1 16:05:44 daygeek lightdm: imtoo session closed for user lightdm Jun 1 16:05:44 daygeek lightdm: pam_unix(lightdm:session session opened for user.
To avoid such kind of things, we need to check whos logged in the system and what they are doing.It can be done in many ways.Here, we count the lines yahoo of both who and w -h by piping them to wc -l, effectively generating a count of active sessions.Classically, the command is 'who' rather than 'users but 'who' gives you more information.Since you are only interested in non-blank user names, you could do: who grep -c.Knowing more than one methods may help you in some point of time.With multiple terminal windows open, it will show multiple lines for a single user, whereas 'users' seems to list a logged in user just once.Oct 16 18:01:14 localhost sshd3501: Failed password for deepak from.This sorts the names alphabetically and filters out any lines that are not unique: And finally, to count these unique users, we add wc -l at the end of our command pipeline: Using ps to count any user running a process.Also, saves your time.Use distribution package manager to install finger on your system.Log for Debian based systems.So, make sure nobody is currently working on this issue before you start working.We can use logged the cut command to strip all information except for the user name: The above command says, circuit "take the output of who, and display only the first f ield of information, which is d elimited by a space." It gives us a list.So, dont hesitate number to check the possible options.

Oct 16 18:01:24 localhost sshd3501: Accepted password for deepak from.
User TTY from email protected, iDLE jcpu pcpu what root pts/0 15:22.00s.18s.00s.