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Heroes of might and magic 6 patch 1.7

Create Hero Panel's class specific ability heroes name was not localized.
Heroes 6 Misc: The portraits that can be redeemed from patch Uplay are also present in heroes the patch Altar of Wishes.The secret entrance leading to the small bonus island near the bottom left side of the map is not working.Might and Magic Heroes VI Patch.1.1.Incorrect functionality for the creature dismiss hotkey No autosave is generated for a hotseat session in offline mode.Magic Stronghold campaign hero Airini as magic Might heroic strike animation and damage instead of magic animation and damage.The language specific characters are not displayed and game does not seem to recognize localized keyboard layouts when attempting to configure shortkeys in the options menu.Might and Magic Heroes VI Patch.2.1 Patch.2 introduced a bug in which it was possible that an achiement patch could be copied from one user to another by using the Compared Profile feature.The "Abyss Gate" ability does not function properly.Incorrect description of movement points for a unit affected by "Slow" patch spell. Localization/Text error fixes Incorrect message is displayed when the forge player loses a battle in the arena Incorrect description of Movement points for a unit affected by "Haste" spell.
There was no confirmation dialog when kicking another player from sound the lobby.Ability and many other patch ones Incorrect appearance sound of in game Chat widget And more Thank you all for your feedback support.Anton has his playing head detached from decompiler the body during the cutscene "The Duke's Justice" when the hero is converted to Magic Affinity.Kudos fusion to Nvidia teams for helping us on this issue.The level 3 (Sephiel's Voice) ability of the Heartrending Song gives too little heal.Abilities / spells The might defense bonus received from Stone Skin spell is shown with a minus instead of a plus on friendly continue creatures.