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Drama gu family book episode 22

drama gu family book episode 22

Seo Hwa cursed him that he will never have family anything that he wants.
Is Tae-seo seriously switching sides family right now?
She says it was her fault for joining the drama fight when he told her to wait outside, and it looks like Master Dam book buys the story for now.
Despite the fact that they keep throwing the "one of you will die" stuff at us, I'm SO glad family that Kang Chi family and Yeo Wool seem to be smart enough to communicate their feelings.History says: nice try.Monk tells Kang Chi about Yeo Wools fate so he is drama devastated to find out she might die.He wanted her and he couldn't have her.Want to watch live football?You did it right!The man who was Seo-hwas bodyguard comes outside and tells his minions to stop attacking, and Gon hands drama him a letter from Lee Soon-shin.Blah on the ill-fated peach tree, crescent moon junk.Tae-seo wants the inn, of course, and his fathers name cleared.Meanwhile Lee Soon-shin shows Master Dam and the kids the real map, and says the one they stole was a fake. Jo Gwan-woong is still a listless zombie after losing Seo-hwa, and then we finally pick up that thread of Tae-seo being caught spying on the bad avengers guys, which I had already forgotten about.
Instead Wol-ryung tells him not to keep hate or sothink thoughts of revenge in his heart at all.
And aloud he answers: Our fate ends here.
Director: Kim Keun-Hong, stars: Rain, Lim Ji-Yeon, Kwak Si-Yang, Son Byung-Ho, Kim Joong-Ki, Shin Jae-Ha, Park Won-Sang, Jang So-Yeon, Park Shin-Ah, Im Sung-Jae, Hong Jin-Gi, Han Sang-Jin, Phillip Choi, Lee Su-A.It was sad to say goodbye to Wol-ryung, but his story felt closed, so it seemed fitting that hed lay at rest with Seo-hwa instead of lingering in this world for eternity as a shadow of his former self without the love of his life.Yeo-wool waits outside, but she gets attacked serial anyway by a ninja decompiler who happens to be checking the perimeter.He reluctantly hands over a book (the book on how to get the Gu Family Book, because The Book is a big ol tease ultron and tells him the cliffs notes version.Im not sure why she brings that ninja to the bigger fight, but anyway she joins the boys, maybe to get their help.I love that Gwan Woong is going crazy.The hindi opposite of trust is not faithlessness.She knew hed be this way, and says it wasnt his fault.Hes brought to Jo Gwan-woong to decide his fate.Thankfully theres a lot of cute to counter the angst to come.Download, audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version sony 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip.