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Avast 8.0.1489 registration key

I cannot fully express how disappointed I am by what avast seems to be sneaky cross-promoting behaviour (but I'll try).
I noticed the checkboxes on the finish page.I don't mind the checkboxes being there, but registration I'd much prefer that they were not checked by default!Apparently I have to watchguard a program that I bought to be my watchguard.I'd most like to see the awsomeness avast of avast!Perhaps make it so that the boxes are only pre-checked registration registration for those with avast!Free Antivirus 7 Avast!Cross promoting may increase profit up to a point, but when the user-base has grown tired of sidestepping it for so long, the company that doesn't do it will have the product of choice.Life is registration too avast short to be distracted registration by unwanted messages/interruptions. I wish you all a life long enough and healthy enough to do it registration all, and then some!
Thanks for a great game av program for several years, and hopefully for countless years to come!After several notifications, I finally decided to update at a time when I was able to be patient and to pay attention to what I was doing.As vita an example, I detest commercial interruptions.Luckily, I do not auto-update, ever.I'd most like games to see one company rise above the rest.Reclaim the sense of honour ppsspp and marketing-integrity that attracted me to it game in the first place (It still has the sense of community and technichal-integrity that I have always appreciated).Rant/ (constructive criticisms in bold vita however, I'd like to add my irked voice to dimulec, jtk1015, Igbirt, and AngeliusMefyrxNext with regards to the 'piggybacked Google products'. .I stopped watching TV over two decades ago (yes, I did miss out on pop-culture, but I clearly didn't really miss out on much).I, and possibly sleipnir others, would likely be willing to pay extra for the product that doesn't sneaky-cross-promote.If they were not checked by default, they would not be inadvertently installed by me or others.Free, I'd be ok with being advertised.I still go to the movies occasionally too. .I am sure that I am not alone in this.I find it insulting; especially on a paid product.And glad for that I am!

Point being: I am very content to pay extra for commercial-free viewing whenever possible, and I would be content to pay more for the reduction of in any/all areas of my life, avast 8.0.1489 registration key online and otherwise.
However, it seems that various av companies take turns sneaky-cross-promoting (Grrr).